by Tess Vonck

As a woman walks in the forest, her presence is witnessed by the elements - creatures and other moving forces with an integrity of purpose in place. This film is a living poem that explores the dance of unraveling and revealing between man and both inner and outer nature, a language only understandable to surrounding ghosts.

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We developed a refreshing approach to creativity that combines the art of writing with somatic and nature-based healing practices.


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Image by Jessica Delp
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Underground.forest is a home for writers  who seek transformation and  changemakers in need of words  


Writing is mostly looking outside of the window, the rest happens where the inner you meets the outside world

I'm a somatic expression coach, nature explorer and award-winning storyteller from Belgium on a mission to prove to you that raising trees instead of children is the best thing you can do for yourself and the world.


Some funky details about me: I speak Chinese, am afraid of heights, can't drive and am obsessed with the shape of stones, human bodies and stories. I also recently ditched my not so successful career as a nomad freelance journalist, after a big trauma, for a simple life in an abandoned forest in Portugal while getting lost in the ancient arts of shamanism and wood carving.